science&technology - PLANET EARTH


  • Superstorm
    This factually based drama looks at the possibly consequences of trying to harness a hurricane.
    Guide to the Planet
    Understand and protect the habitats featured in Discovery Channel's PLANET EARTH series.
    Animals Up Close
    Meet the rare and endangered animals featured in Discovery Channel's PLANET EARTH series.
    Video Highlights
    See the best moments from Discovery Channel's PLANET EARTH and go behind the scenes.
    Global Warming: What You Need to Know
    The planet's heating up. Find out where we're headed.
  • Krakatoa
    What happened when Indonesia's Krakatoa erupted in 1883?
    Perfect Disaster
    Find out what it take to concoct the "perfect disaster."
    Yellowstone National Park is a true "supervolcano" and as active as ever.
    Travel through time and experience the last days of Pompeii.
    Make a Quake
    How bad can you make it? Create your own earthquake.
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