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Search TechnologyTuesday, September 30, 2008

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Logging On for a Second (or Third) Opinion

Nola Lopez with Bryan Christie
Paging Dr. Google can lead patients to miss a rich lode of online resources that may not yield to a simple search.

Reviews of Six Popular Web Sites
Favorite Resources From Science Times Contributors

September 30, 2008, 5:45 PM

A.M.D. Looks to Shanghai to Make Up for Mistakes
A.M.D. hopes to that a new server chip called Shanghai can help it compete with Intel again.
September 30, 2008, 1:19 PM

RealNetworks' Software Lands in Court
The Hollywood studios are suing RealNetworks in federal court over its new DVD-copying program.
September 30, 2008, 12:44 PM

Lehman to Spin Off Venture Capital Arm?
Lehman Brothers is the latest bank to spin off its venture capital arm.
September 30, 2008, 12:01 AM

I.B.M. Puts iPhone in the Lotus Position
I.B.M. says its Lotus Notes messaging software works on the iPhone.
September 29, 2008, 8:39 PM

I.B.M. Lends a Hand to ARM
With Intel encroaching on its mobile device business, ARM Holdings has turned to I.B.M. and Samsung.
September 29, 2008, 7:15 PM

The Long-Term Questions for Apple
Investors are worried about Apple's sales during a recession. The bigger question is how Apple handles the slowdown.

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More Technology News
Wal-Mart Wins Deal on Album and Game
Just as Wal-Mart solidifies its power as a music industry hitmaker with an exclusive album from the rock band AC/DC, the chain is getting its first major exclusive video game to go with it.
Suit to Halt Big Collider in Europe Is Dismissed
U.S. courts lack jurisdiction on environmental grounds over a controversial scientific project, the judge ruled.
Circuit City Revises Outlook and Posts Loss
Sluggish sales, poor traffic and heightened competition led the electronics retailer to a wider quarterly loss.
Ballmer Sees Global Crisis Hitting Microsoft
Microsoft’s chief executive said the financial crisis will sap consumer and business spending, affecting all companies, including his own.
EA Signs Video Game Deal With ‘300’ Director
Hollywood director Zack Snyder will help develop video games, some of which may become movies themselves.
Shuttle Mission to Telescope Is Moved to ’09
The mission to service the telescope will be delayed until next year, NASA officials said.
Chip Designer Rambus Wins Battles, but Faces Bigger War
Harold Hughes, chief of Rambus, says infringement issues were out of control in the early 1990s.
Drilling Down
Letting Our Fingers Do the Talking
In the fourth quarter of 2007, American cellphone subscribers for the first time sent text messages more than they phoned.

Technology Headlines
Prototype: We’ll Fill This Space, but First a Nap Novelties: Do I Hear 4%? On This Site, Banks Bid for Your Cash Letters: Technology’s Triumph? N.C.A.A. Is Slower to Embrace Technology Court Considers New Trial for Former Chief of Qwest BlackBerry Maker Reports Profit Is Up, but Shares Fall Spending Bill Would Resolve a Pressing NASA Concern
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Why Your Belly is Fat
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New in Technology
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Technology Headlines From Around the Web
What's This?
Adobe Flash player for iPhone due 'soon' if Apple approvesGigaOM
GigaOM White Paper: The Facts Fiction of Bandwidth CapsAll Facebook
Facebook Launches New Homepage and LoginWall Street Journal
Google-Yahoo Deal Is DefendedThe Guardian
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder
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Companies in the News
At close 09/30/2008
Wal-Mart Stores Inc
$59.89+$1.44+2.46%Go to Article »
Circuit City Stores Inc
$0.76–$0.32–29.63%Go to Article »
Rambus Incorporated
$12.85+$0.42+3.38%Go to Article »
Claire Cain Miller profiles a new kind of venture capitalist who makes it big through small bets on Web start-ups.
Business Computing
Cisco has a new line of business that aims to provide a common set of tools for workers, Ashlee Vance reports.

IDG Headlines
Zoho launches online market for business apps 40 minutes ago iPhone finally gets Notes support through AppStore 40 minutes ago Stock smackdown hits tech harder than most 40 minutes ago Sharp prices its XS-series thin LCD TVs 40 minutes ago Microsoft's Select Plus licensing begins Wednesday 40 minutes ago
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Film Studios, RealNetworks Battle Over DVD Copying
3:59 p.m.Ballmer Says Microsoft Not Immune From Global Crisis
1:41 p.m.Norway Consumer Body Challenges Apple Over iTunes
1:01 p.m.Microsoft to Stick With Licensing Fees For Windows Mobile
12:04 p.m.
Pogue’s Posts
How some companies are doing it right.
Tech Talk Podcast
This week: The Google phone, an iPhone “oops” and music on tiny memory cards. Plus, Hollywood’s hidden technological history and a look at Web mail security.

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David Pogue: Feel (and Hear) the Music in Your Bones
Basics: Wirelessly Moving Music From Gadgets to the Stereo
Phone Smart: Don’t Make Your Fingers Do the Work. Talk to Your Cellphone.
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E-Mailed Blogged Prototype: We’ll Fill This Space, but First a Nap
Bits: The Long-Term Questions for Apple
Circuit City Revises Outlook and Posts Loss
Chip Designer Rambus Wins Battles, but Faces Bigger War
Bits: I.B.M. Puts iPhone in the Lotus Position
Google Introduces an iPhone Rival Open to Whims
Bits: A Giant Yacht Sails to San Francisco
Drilling Down: Letting Our Fingers Do the Talking
Basics: Wirelessly Moving Music From Gadgets to the Stereo
Solar Panels Are Vanishing, Only to Reappear on the Internet
Go to Complete List » Letting Our Fingers Do the Talking
Court Considers New Trial for Former Chief of Qwest
We'll Fill This Space, but First a Nap
Google and T-Mobile Introduce Phone With PC Features
With Google Phone, HTC Comes Out of the Shadows
Solar Panels Are Vanishing, Only to Reappear on the Internet
Don't Make Your Fingers Do the Work. Talk to Your Cellphone.
The Mother of All Search Functions
Google Introduces an iPhone Rival Open to Whims
H.P. Read Messages of Reporter
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